What the ECARx Program is Designed to Accomplish

  • Provide a non-secular 5:1 Student to tutor ratio SES Program for grades K-12
  • Provide a prescriptive tutoring Program in Literacy and Mathematics based on the individual needs of the participating student
  • Train teachers to utilize current practices aligned to state and national standards designed to improve student learning and retention
  • Constantly monitor student progress and keep classroom teachers & parents informed
  • Help your child score Proficient on the benchmark Exam! (Over 50% of our SES students scored proficient or advanced in the past several years)

How Will the Program Work?

  1. Teachers (Tutors) will receive specialized training to learn how to assess the student and write the individual prescriptive Tutoring Lesson Plan. Additionally, tutors will be trained on specific strategies that will be used during the tutoring program.
  2. Students will be pre-assessed to provide the tutors (teacher) with a Prescriptive Tutoring Lesson Plan, individualized for the particular student
  3. Tutoring will take place at school for approximately 8-12 weeks culminating just before the benchmark exam. In early April, Tutoring will typically be held on two afternoons per week for 1.5 to 2 hours per session
  4. Both the parent/guardian and the regular classroom teachers will be kept informed regularly as to the progress of their respective student. It is imperative that the parent be involved in the process.
  5. Transportation will be provided as long as it does not conflict with district policies or procedures.

Supplemental Educational Services

  • Schools that have failed to meet State Standards (2nd Year) are required to provide Supplemental Services to eligible students
    • Spend up to 20% of their Title 1 allotment
    • Summer Programs
  • Provide School Choices (in some instances)
  • Supplemental Service Providers must:
    • Be approved by the State as a provider
    • Be selected by parents to serve their child
    • Provide a non-secular program to improve student achievement on the Benchmark exam

This program is in compliance with health, safety and civil rights laws. We provide equitable treatment of all SES eligible children. Discrimination based on race, color, religion, gender, disability or national origin is prohibited.

ECARx Fact Sheet

  1. Hire teachers from service school/district
    1. Pay $40/hour for tutoring (2hrs) + $20 for paperwork = $100/day
    2. Hire Site Coordinator (from school) to supervise tutoring staff
    3. Provide Site Monitor as liaison between school and ECARx
    4. Train teachers in the ECARx program
    5. Bonuses for teacher who move students into Proficient or Advance
    6. 5 to 1 student to tutor—same students for duration of program
    7. Pre/Post assess each student—along with previous Benchmark results drives Prescriptive Tutoring Plan
    8. Provide Prescriptive Tutoring Plan for each students targeting the Benchmark Items which will generate the most student success on the next Benchmarks Assessment
    9. Program typically runs for 8-12 weeks starting in late fall and ends the week before the Benchmark
  2. Ask about our SUCCESS!
    1. 12 out of 24 (50%) of the schools we have worked with over the past 6 years have made AYP two consecutive years and are out of school improvement.
    2. See the List – Call them and ask them about the ECARx program
  3. Companion program
    1. We have an after school or summer program which complements the ECARx SES program
      1. Hands on
      2. Student friendly
    2. NSLA or Stimulus Money funded

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